Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Diagram of Courses and Prerequisites

The required courses for this degree contain the fundamentals of electronic circuits, signal theory, logic design, computer architecture, structured programming, data structures, software engineering, discrete mathematics, and numerical analysis. A strong foundation in the physical sciences and in mathematics is required. Approved technical electives, chosen with program director's consent, are selected in preparation for graduate study or entry into industry according to individual interests. The program totals 133 credit hours. This degree is accredited by the Engineering Commission of ABET,

The recommended sequence of courses follows:

Freshman year, first semester (14-15 credits)

ENGL 1 Critrical Reading and Composition (3)
ENGR 5 Introduction to Engineering Practice (2)
MATH 21 Calculus 1 (4)
CHM 30 Introductory Chemical Principles and Laboratory & ENGR 10 (6) or
PHY 11, 12 Introductory Physics and Laboratory (5)

Freshman year, second semester (16-17 credits)

ENGL 2 Research and Argument (3)
MATH 22 Calculus II (4)
CHM 30 Introductory Chemical Principles and Laboratory & ENGR 10 (6) or
PHY 1112 Introductory Physics and Laboratory (5)
HSS Elective** or ECO 001 (4)

Sophomore year, first semester (17 credit hours)

ECE 33 Introduction to Computer Engineering (4)
ECE 81 Principles of Electrical Engineering (4)
PHY 21, 22 Introductory Physics II and Laboratory II (5)
MATH 23 Calculus III (4)

Sophomore year, second semester (18 credit hours)

CSE 2  Fundamentals of Programming*** (2)  
ECE 121 Electronics Circuits Laboratory (2)
ECE 123 Electronic Circuits (3)
MATH 205 Linear Methods (3)
HSS elective ** (4)
HSS elective ** (4) or ECO 001 (4)

Junior year, first semester (17 credit hours)

CSE 17 Programming and Data Structures (3)  
ECE 108 Signals and Systems (4)
ECE 182 Junior Lab (1)
MATH 231 Probability and Statistics (3)
Approved technical elective * (3)
Free elective (3)

Junior year, second semester (18 credit hours)

CSE 109 Systems Software (4)
CSE 140 Discrete Structures (3)
ECE 138 Digital Systems Laboratory (2)
ECE 201 Computer Architecture (3)
Free elective (3)
Free elective ** (3)

Senior year, first semester (15-16 credit hours)

CREG 257 Senior Lab Project I (3)
CSE 216 Software Engineering (3)
CSE 303 Operating System Design (3)
ECE 319 Digital System Design (3)
HSS elective ** (3-4)

Senior year, second semester (18 credit hours)

CREG 258 Senior Lab Project II (2)
Approved technical electives* (12)
HSS elective (4)

*Approved technical electives (15 credits) are subjects in the area of science and technology. Except for one elective, they are restricted to the offerings in the ECE and CSE departments. One elective must be an engineering science elective from a department other than ECE and CSE. CSE 42, CSE 130, and CSE 252 are not approved technical electives.  See popular technical electives .

 **HSS courses are those which are designed as SS or HU. A minimum of four multi-credit courses and a minimum of 13 credits must be taken. They are mostly in the Arts & Sciences College. They encompass all the humanities and social science departments (Soc, Psych, Phil, Engl, Hist, IR, etc). Students can take whatever interests them.

***If possible, CSE 2 should be taken during the freshman year.